When I pulled the rearend at the salvage yard, the brakes had been disassembled and I scrounged through the gravel to find as many of the parts as possible. You can readily buy hardware kits so I ended up replacing most of the parts but some were more difficult to get and in good condition so I just cleaned them off. Of course I replaced the wheel cylinders and this is recommended every few years for safety. My old brakes didn't have auto adjusters so this would be a nice upgrade. I plan to do a disk brake conversion on the front so someday I won't need to crawl under the car again to adjust the brakes. I also had planned on getting the backing plated powder coated but the local place that did them had a 6 or more week turnaround and would have cost me the minimum of $100 so they got chassis black epoxt paint to match the housing. Next –––>

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