I've highlighted the old 2-speed detent plate in this photo. It is underneath the upper section of the shift collar. One of the more frustrating parts of installing the new detent plate was putting it all back together. A helper would be handy but it can be done by yourself. The arrow is pointing toward the square head of a bolt that slips into a slot in the sleeve around the steering rod. There are two bolts, top and bottom. When you are loosening the nuts at the end of these bolts, don't take them of all the way off. Leave a thread or two on and wiggle the upper section of the collar until the bolt heads fall out of the slots.

To reassemble after you've replaced the 2-speed detent plate with the one for the C4, push down on the main, bottom section of the collar (it will want to come back towards you because of a spring behind it) until it goes all the way down into a slot. Place the upper part into position and wiggle the two bolts until you think they've fallen into position. Have the socket wrench handy and tighten them. You will probably have to also move the steering rod to get this upper part to fall into place. Next –––>

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