Here is the valve body mounted in place with a new filter installed. Always change your filter when you have easy access to it as it is cheap insurance. Also, this is a good chance to make sure you have the shift and kickdown levers positioned correctly. Tighten two of the corner bolts by hand and move the shift lever. You should feel it click into the different positions for park, nuetral, reverse, etc. Then work the kickdown lever. It should move in one direction about 1/8th turn and it should spring back when you release the pressure on it.

Add the remaining bolts, torque to specifications and you're ready for the pan and gasket. I used the stock pan without a drain plug. I was looking at deep aluminum pans but I was trying to do this on a restricted budget and they can get expensive. Also, I considered adding a drain plug but I was told by one reputable transmission shop that they see a number of trannys burn up when the car bottoms out on a steep drive or curb and the plug gets torn off, dumping the fluid. Considering you only change fluid every 30,000 miles, I decided to keep the stock pan with no drain. Next –––>

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