Here's an overall shot of the pieces less the bellhousing. Not really too bad once you get the feel for what the different components do and how they relate to each other. Much less intimidating than today's modern automatic transmissions although I've never dug into one. Try to keep the parts grouped together as components. The clear bucket on the lower right are all of the small parts that are being kept in plastic bags, labeled as to not get them mixed up.

I elected to have the case and bellhousing power washed (or boiled out) at a local transmission shop to save time. The tailhousing wasn't too bad so I cleaned it myself with parts wash and wire brushes. The case and tailhousing were masked off and painted with a gloss black engine paint to hold up to the elements. The bellhousing was given a coat of aluminum engine paint. The old clutches are shown laying on the blue towels and I had the new ones soaking in tranny fluid (soak them at least 30 minutes before assembly). Most of the components were in good shape with the exception of one broken thrust washer. Next –––>

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