This shot from under the car shows the tranny fluid cooler lines I installed. I used 5/16" hard lines, bought a tubing bender, and borrowed a flaring tool from a friend. Line #1 attaches to the forward fitting on the tranny where the hot fluid comes out. It needs to first go into the cooler that is built into the radiator. #2 is a hose that comes with the kit that is attached to a barbed fitting and exits the radiator, going to the auxilliary cooler. #3 is where the hose from the other side of the auxilliary attaches to a barbed fitting and returns to the rear fitting on the tranny. #4 shows a fitting I made to couple the two lines and provide some stability. I took two large fender washers and bent each of them slightly on opposite edges. I clamped them together with a bolt ran between the two lines. Next –––>

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