I knew from a rough measurement I took before the C4 was installed that the driveshaft would need to be shortened. I also got a C4 slip yoke from a friend. I was told different stories about needing a different yoke than was used for the Ford-o-Matic but they are different for sure.

After bolting the transmission in place, and with the full wieght of the car on the rear axles, I pushed the slip yoke as far into the transmission as it goes and then pulled it back out 1 inch. Then I measured from the center of where the u-joint would be to the center of where the u-joint would be on the differential end. It measured exactly 52-1/2". That means I would need exactly 2" taken off the driveshaft. I measured about 4 more times, each time checking to make sure the full wieght of the car was on the rear axles, the slip yoke was 1" out, and I was measuring between the centers of the u-joints. I didn't want to spend $150 only to find out I had made a wrong measurement. I dropped the driveshaft off in the morning and picked it up in the afternoon. It had been shortened, balanced, the slip yoke was attached and it had a fresh coat of paint. Next –––>

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