Luckily the differential seemed to be in very good condition. The wear marks on the gears looked how they should according to diagrams I've seen and the teeth were not worn sharp. Two quotes from local differential shops were in the $400 range for a total rebuild and adjusting so I decided to just clean it up and hope for the best. I turned over a 5-gallon bucket, cut out the bottom and it made a perfect stand for the unit while I cleaned and painted it.

It was covered with grime and all the ribs made it more difficult to clean. It was originally painted a maroon red so I used some Glyptal paint a friend had leftover from his engine build. After cleaning and degreasing the exterior, I brushed on 3 coats and was very pleased with the results. The color was not quite as dark but looks great. I was bummed to have to paint over some of the original factory marks that could still be seen as I cleaned the case but this was not going to be a concourse restoration. I only wire brushed the yoke so you can still see yellow, blue, and pink marks on it from the factory (I'm assuming). Next –––>

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