Ol' Skool Rodz Magazine - March 2006

My first appearance in a magazine! Well, not much of an appearance but you've got to start somewhere! Here's a cover shot and below are the two pages with the article about the "Seattle Blessing of the Cars" show.

I needed a good blessing as I was about to venture 1600 miles to San Ramon, CA and back for the Falcon Nationals. I had just rebuilt my first transmission and put on a new set of main bearings so I was hoping for a smooth sail. It worked! Blessings is a fun show and worth dropping by. Bring your tattoos and primer. Lots of kool rat rodz!

Ya gotta love that Snap-on tool box turned BBQ!

A close-up of one photo where you can see my Falcons grill.

And another close-up of the other photo with me and the Falcon in the background kicking tires. I have GOT to get a chain for my wallet!