I wish I had taken photos of the original condition of the axle assembly but take a look under any 35-year-old car with the original rearend in and you'll get the picture. Years of dripping fluids and road grime coat the entire assembly and actually preserve it very well from rust and small dings. I used a degreaser, putty knives and the local car wash to remove most of the grime and then a grinder and wire cup brush to get it down to bare metal. I didn't prime the bare metal before painting because I didn't think it would be worth the additional time and materials. I masked the ends of the tubes, the opening for the differential and the breather opening and gave it 3 coats of chassis black epoxy paint I purchased in aerosol cans from Summit Racing. Since I was still waiting for some parts before I could assemble the axle, the housing had a week for the paint to cure. Next –––>

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